Resources to easily kickstart or revamp your PWA Experiences for your users keeping the Web Instant, Fast and Safe 🎯

PWA Fire Developer

A pool of technical docs and other resources to get you started build rich Progressive Web Apps.

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PWA Fire Codelabs

Hands-on coding experience to step you through the process of building Progressive Web Apps.

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Development Environment Setup

Setup your PWA development environment the right way and start creating wonderful experiences

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Build your first Progressive Web App. The very first of many you'll be building

Broswer Test Tool

A Web App to detect Browser Compatibility for PWA features on your favourite Web Browser

PWA Fire App

Starter Web App designed with Progressive Web App packaged ready for your PWA project

Web Manifest Tool

Generate your Web App Manifest automatically with this tool

PWA VS Code Snippets

Auto-create Progressive Web Apps Code Snippets in VS Code with our new extension

Code Refresh

Beautiful Refreshed VS Code Color Theme. Install Code Refresh. Available in Visual Studio Marketplace


Why Build Progressive Web Apps?

Today you can build anything entirely native and much more on the Web. The Web is the future of mobile. Same codebase, for all platforms.

Featured Web Community Feedback

Jeff Posnick
Jeff Posnick Web DevRel Team, Google

I did take a quick look at PWA Fire App and it seems like a solid foundation to start with! Nice work.

Rob Dodson
Rob Dodson Developer Advocate, Google

Oh neat, I hadn't seen before. Looks nice!

Tarik Huber

You want to start making PWAs and don't know where to start? PWA Fire App is the place to go 😁 can't recommend it enough! Great work 👏

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