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We are focused on helping you build amazing web experiences by providing simple tool-kits that helps you excite your end users. As a developer, you get to interact with the code and configure it for your project use.

PWA Fire Bundle

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PWA Fire Bundle is an open source javascript and json bundle that allows you to convert your existing website into a progressive web app or build one. As a developer, you get to interact with the code and configure it for your project use.

Offline Capabilities

Users don’t expect the web to work without a network connect, and often don’t even bother to try when it’s a slow or intermittent connection. We need to change that perception. The web must be reliable.

Add to Homescreen

User experiences on the web should feel like an integrated part of the user’s device; instead of having to reach through a browser window, the experience should feel true to how the user interacts with the device.

Push Notifications

An engaging app goes beyond functional, but ensures that the whole experience is delightful making it easy for the user to do what they need to do. Using features like Web Push, it’s always up to date, and Notifications keeps users informed. It uses the right capabilities, at the right time, in a beautiful way.

Project FAQ Beta

Create An Effective FAQ Section

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are a different type of content. Just like search and a sitemap, it has its own features and things that you can apply to improve user experience.

Doing the easy way

FAQ pages or sections have become common place on many websites for many reasons. The main, is that they offer a way to provide support, most commonly, customer support, without having to re-iterate solutions to common problems.

Building the right markup

Although many people use simple headings (h2,h3) for questions and paragraphs for answers, it’s much more semantically correct using definition lists for them. So you may use definition title(s) and definition description(s) to wrap them up accordingly.

PWA Fire 🚀 Tools

Web Manifest Generator 🚀

Generate your web app manifest automatically. Configuring the web manifest file helps you to specify how you want your web app to look like when launched on the device.

PWA Browser Support Test 🚀

Application to detect browser compatibility for Progressive Web App (PWA) features. Developed to test browser support for PWA on different devices and browsers by our rocket 🚀 lady Marta Wiśniewska

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are user experiences that have the reach of the web, a new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web.

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