PWA Fire Codelabs

Your First Progressive Web App

In this codelab, we are going to use PWA Fire Bundle to build a 100% progressive web app. You will learn about service workers and the web manifest. We shall be converting our demo site to a PWA.

Get started with project faq-beta

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are a different type of content. Just like search and a sitemap, it has its own features and things that you can apply to improve user experience.

Make Your Progressive Web App Sharable

In this codelab you will learn how to use the Web Share API which allows you easily trigger the native Android share dialog, passing either a URL or text or both to share to the world!

Web App With App Content Served By Firebase

In this codelab, we're going to learn how to add firebase to your web app and serve content from the Firebase Realtime database. Learn more about firebase hosting and database here.

Add taste to your web app buttons

Add a modern and exciting magical button by Project PWA Fire. Find demo buttons here on Project PWA Fire made Progressive Web App too. Remember to always donate a star and fork

How to declare a function in Javascript

As your code gets longer and inevitably, there will surely be a code that repeats a number steps. Instead of repeating this multiple times, we can package those instances into chunks of code called functions.

Get started with Firebase Hosting for Web Apps

To add Firebase to your web app, you'll need a Firebase project and a short snippet of initialization code that has a few details about your project.