We've had amazing stories so far with Progressive Web Apps and that's just great. They work for every user, regardless of browser choice because they're built with progressive enhancement as a core principle.

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When thinking about Progressive Web Apps think of the entitre app cylce. From how you deliver resources at your backend to how the app looks like when the user interacts with it.

Progressive Web UI


With amazing features like working offline which makes the entire reliability aspect of your progressive web app on top, to making it feel like part of the entire device user experience with app install, push notification, background sync and web share ; you need to complete the cylce with a great user experience too.

Users do not care about what actually is happening at the backend of your web app or just any app. What they see and how their goals are fullfilled on your web app is king!

Progressive User Interface

With all these native capabilities available on the web today. It's now important we also introduced an exciting topic in the picture; Progressive Web User Interface

What I mean with this, is that, as much as we make it feel native in our Progressive Web Apps, we also need to make it look native as well. Or even much better than native. User interface components like bottom navbars, sidebars, float buttons, tool-tips, snackbar etc are a stepping stone.

Introducing Jenga

We have been working to fill that gap in a our new project called Jenga Library. Jenga will allow you to write, read and edit css like a pro and build amazing user interfaces for your progressive web apps. We are calling that Progressive Web User Interface.

Developer Notes

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