FAQ’s are a different type of content. Just like search and a sitemap, they have their own features that you can use to improve user experience.

Getting started

An important thing to note is that users don’t go to Frequently Asked Questions pages, you have to lead them there.

For a long time FAQs have been misused, instead of real and relevant content, companies put questions they “wished” users would ask (WAQ, Wished to be Asked Questions).

It’s very important to put user needs first, just cover topics that are really important to them. Otherwise it’ll be just another page trying to hide the solution from them. Which, by the way, won’t solve the problem at all, leading to future problems, like unnecessary support requests, or lost sales.

People don’t go looking for FAQs. So you have to interlink it wisely in places where users may need help. Like using them along with search pages.

Another example you cloud consider is you may ask the users what kind of problem they have, then suggest a few FAQ searched items based on the user keywords.

Also note that; FAQs are great to provide complete answers, but if you just want to tell users how features work, or which type of data they should put in a registration form just go with tooltips or something like that.

Start building an amazing FAQ page or section today with Project faq-beta which is open source for use and available as a codelab here. Read more on this article here by Maye Edwin.

Launch Codelab

Project faq-beta is built with javascript, html5 and css. You need atleast an intermediate background in all of these languages to get started even though anyone with or without skills in the same can set up with the guide provided.
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